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March 30, 1942

Ed Brown and Major Chote from Calgary spent the afternoon and part of the evening with me. We drove all over the country. That was on yesterday. Today, I went to New Haven and Peace Haven. Some more of our boys left this morning for Calgary.

March 28, 1942

I am looking out over the famous Sussex Downs from Larkfield Cottage, Downsview Road, Seaford. It is beginning to get green and all day long that old song “Sussex, Sussex by the Sea” has been running through my mind. Have just written to Muriel and have sent Bobby one of my prize possessions, a book of Glasgow, given me when on leave. I hope he will really appreciate the full meaning of the gift and all that it implies. Tonight John Begg and I are going to a chicken dinner in Alfriston. Ed Brown will be down tomorrow. Lieut. Johnson transferred today to the Essex Scottish Regiment. They are gradually going. Soon only a few old has-beens will be left.

March 26, 1942

All Squadron leaders and myself went out to do a recce on our battle stations which are 13 miles north of here, through Alfriston, Berwick and north of Hailsham. It was a beautiful day and oh what a beautiful piece of Country. Sussex is by far the most beautiful part of England that I have yet seen, am anxious to see it in summer.

March 20, 1942

One year ago today we landed in Camp Borden. We are much more comfortable today than we were then. Have been innoculating all day. Harold dropped in for a few minutes today.
“Medical Brigadier” old Auntie Linton sent word to our Brigade Brigadier that “I had too much to say” – he resented it and they had a fight – I now have two friends at court. Yesterday I roundly condemned the medical arrangements in this Brigade – they are simply disgraceful. We have broken things wide open – but I most probably will be broken with them.

March 18, 1942

Spoke over the radio to Canada from H.Q. Squadron in Seaford Girls College. I wonder what date I will be heard at home.

March 17, 1942

Tonight there was a party in teh Sgt. Mess in farewell to two Sgt. Majors and five Sgts. who are leaving us for Octu. Officers present: Col Andrews, John Begg, GEorge Valentine, Jack Hesson, Clint Richardson, Bill Hunt, Bob Taylor, Dick Eldred, Aussie Stanton and myself. Nice evening but very dark walking home afterwards.

March 16, 1942

Prize fight in aid of Seaford Battleship week. Our boys against boys from 343 Coastal Battery English. Our chaps won seven fights and lost four. One year ago today we left Calgary.