A few faces to names: Charlie Page, Dick Eldred, George Valentine and Bill Hunt.

I’m still working through a small photo album of my grandfather’s, scanning all of the photos, and as I do I’m finding some gems. Here’s three photographs that put faces to some of the names that appear throughout the journals. As I do this, I realize I know practically nothing about these men. I hope to rectify that soon with a trip to The Military Museums in Calgary as that is another important part of this project, to profile members of the Calgary Tanks. But for now, as the Tanks’ motto says: Onward!

Charlie, Dick and George are all mentioned in this post from July 25, 1941

July 25: Inspection by Gen. Dill and Gen. McNaughton – had a short chat with Gen. Dill, we got along well together. We were in perfect accord on all subjects. In the evening we had my 43rd birthday party – guests present: George, John Begg, Charlie Page, Timmy Cameron, Freddie Jenner, Uncle, and Major Mcdonald, Ralph, Jack Hoover, Verne Leonard. We played several suitable games and sang for hours. Ralph also entertained us with a little song. The caterers were ably assisted by Baby Face McDougall.

and Bill Hunt was mentioned here on Dec. 18, 1941:
Dec. 18: Left Hedley Downs at 8:45 a.m. – In convoy – 70 miles. Arrived at 1 p.m. At Seaford, a little town on the south coast. Set up R.A.P. And Sick Bay, a on blind end of street, our house “Larksfield” is situated three doors down the street – Bert Little, Bill Hunt, Hess, Ralph and I live in it. I have a little front room on the ground floor – big bay window, and fire place, and Ralph has it looking like a million dollars  – Xmas cards all over the mantle piece as before. Across the road, Hess has his office and the batman and hospital staff live here. Really the loveliest billets we have ever been in – hope we are here for a few months.


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About Rob Alexander

I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

3 responses to “A few faces to names: Charlie Page, Dick Eldred, George Valentine and Bill Hunt.”

  1. Will Ward says :

    You might be interested to know that Larksfield is still there – 38 Downsview Rd, Seaford – and quite recognisable from The photos (23 & 27 May 2012 posts). Google streetview shows it well. They have converted the garage and built a new one, but the bay window is still there.

    • Rob Alexander says :

      Will, thanks for that. I didn’t even consider going into Streetview to check that out, but lo and behold, it’s the same house and a great link between present and past.


  2. Sheilagh Hunt says :

    Hi there, I just saw a photo of my father Bill Hunt when looking for information on the Calgary Tanks in Dieppe and Italy. Unfortunately with a family of daughters, my father didn’t offer many stories, and since his passing I have even less information. Thanks for the post.

    Sheilagh Hunt

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