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June 30, 1942

Our cars loaded on T.L.C. and gone, but I am remaining behind for a few days and will catch up to them later. Bob Taylor, Glenn and I went by car to Newhaven to inspect boats. Returned to Camp the following day. Getting ready to leave.

June 29, 1942

Some T.L.C. loaded and pulled out today.

June 28, 1942

Sunday – All preparations made for Klondike. We are going over tonight to Div. H.Q. to study a model. we have been very busy the last few days preparing for this new adventure. Some boats loaded today – some will load tomorrow. I do not expect to go on board until about Thursday.

Salisbury Plain July 1941 photos

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June 18, 1942

Myself in company with about twenty other men from 14th went to Cowes in a truck and caught an “R” Boat for Portsmouth, where we visited the Naval dockyards, paying special attention to Nelson’s Victory Ship. It really is quite a sight – 104 guns aboard and carried a crew of over 800 men. The men were crowded in like cattle, but his suite and that of Hardy were palatial. The “R” Boats are very fast but very wet. This afternoon Charlie Page and I were in Ryde – and actually had fresh strawberries.

June 15, 1942

General meeting today of all Medical Men talking part in exercise. All methods discussed and general outline part in exercise. All methods discussed and general outline reviewed. My Blitz Buggy was returned to me today. Tonight we go to Cowes and watch the trial of Tanks especially fitted for water wading, go through six feet of water. We are terribly busy – and have so many things to do and so little time.

June 13, 1942

Landed at 9 a.m. at Egypt Pt. and came back to Osborne Beach by road. Jim (Furman) fixed me up an electric light in tent and Cal built a swell writing table out of a petrol tin and crotched sticks. Very comfortable. Tonight, Col. Andrews held a meeting of the Officers in Osborne Ground and outlined the invasion raid we are training for. We are all very enthusiastic and certain that we can carry it out.