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July 31, 1942

First scheme completed, have to wait here until Monday for the second and last scheme, which is with 1st Div.

Alexander family collection

July 30, 1942

Started at 5 a.m. for the Downs north west of Lewes for fire scheme with 6th Brigade, under Artillery support, using live ammunition. On arrival found we would be here for five days.

July 29, 1942

Back to usual routine again. Just going to start for Burgess Hill now.

July 28, 1942

Got up early and went to Harrods shopping, bought Muriel’s birthday present and a pair of shoes for myself. Will go over to Victoria Station now and see what time trains leave for Seaford. Left Londong 8:45 p.m. and arrived home in Seaford at 10:20. Met at station by Jim (Furman), with the big truck.

July 27, 1942

I laid in bed – Mother brought my breakfast up and sat and talked to me until 12 noon. I then kicked her out and got up and got cleaned up. After lunch we drove to Wokingham to visit Ethel, then drove to Bearwood Castle, then back home for tea. I caught the 9 o’clock train for London, and came to the Goring Hotel. Very, very nice quiet place – just got to sleep when Fritz, the silly ass, came over and dropped a bomb somewhere not too far away. It wasn’t too bad though, I heard the bomb, but was asleep when the alert went – and had gone to sleep again before the all clear went, so wasn’t disturbed much.

July 26, 1942

Caught the evening train for Reading. Arrived at Fords about 10 p.m.

Plymouth Cave, 1941

A cave at Plymouth, England, during one of Doc Alexander’s excursions, 1941. Alexander family collection.