July 1942: a little context

During early July the Calgary Tanks were training for Operation Rutter: the first planned attempt to raid Dieppe, France. The raid was scheduled to occur between July 4 and July 8. Doc Alexander reported on July 2 that he and a few other members of the Calgary Tanks took a ferry to Portsmouth and then travelled by train to Newhaven, where they boarded a Tank Landing Craft. The raiders remained in the Newhaven harbour for five days until bad weather forced the raid to be called off. The Tanks returned to the Isle of Wight early in the morning of July 8. Operation Rutter was, of course, not scrapped altogether. It would form the backbone of Operation Jubilee, which would take place on August. 19, 1942. Both canadiansoldiers.com and the historyofwar.org offer detailed explanations of Operation Rutter.


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I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

2 responses to “July 1942: a little context”

  1. Scott Fuller, Major-retired says :

    Declassified ULTRA Most Secret files have just revealed that the “Raid” at Dieppe was a cover/deception to the planned “Pinch” of Enigma cypher (new 4 rotor) machines/codes and setting daily cribs from the German Naval HQ at the
    Hotel Moderne and from the four German Navy Armed Trawlers (equipped with
    all the targeted Enigma items and monthly sets of codes) and that planned demolition of the hotel and trawlers/and other targets…..would add another cover and concealment of the pinching of the Enigma items……read One Day In August by Steven OKeefe and the UK Public Record Office files of the UK National Archives……the Canadian and British Dieppe raid elements were further combat deceptions to cover the RNs new Intelligence Assault Unit….
    In their first pinch operation….the unit conceived by the RN Naval Intelligence
    Division officer, code named “17F”…….Commander Ian Fleming…..(later creator of James Bond….)

    • Rob Alexander says :

      Thanks Scott. One Day in August is an excellent. O’Keefe’s work is excellent and what change to know what Dieppe meant and could have meant had it succeeded. It really makes a difference having concrete reasons for the raid rather than the rhetoric and story that’s been out there since 1942.

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