August 17, 1942 Dieppe Raid

From Dieppe journal: At 11 p.m. – Aug. 17/42 – We left Seaford with the Carrier – and the Blitz Ambulance and at 2 a.m. The following morning embarked on board T.L.C. #8. My staff consisted of – Lea [sic] Sgt. Rutledge – Capt. Timmy Cameron and myself on the Carrier – Cal Halmer, Carl Morrison on the Blitz. All the craft were loaded during the night, and the following day we lay in harbour, below deck as before.

From main journal: We are all loaded up ready to go on another scheme – where to or for how long, nobody knows. Timmy Cameron is coming with the Regiment as an observer and is attached to me. Our carrier will carry Lea, Timmy (Cameron), Bert Rutledge and myself. The Blitz Buggy will carry Cal Harmer and Morrison. Some time tonight we move off and go aboard the T.L.C. at Newhaven. We have Engineers, R.H.L.I. Essex Scottish, Camerons, Fus. Montreal attached to us and all sorts of observers. Out unit looks like the Foreign Legion. We load on T.L.C. #8 – Timmy Cameron, Cal Hulmer, Carl Morrison and I on the Gyp. Bert Rutledge, Lea, Cal Hunter, QMS/m Buckley, Stoney Richardson on the Carrier. The Tanks – Stanton, Col. Andrews and John Begg, with their crews.


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