About 0605 hrs

⁃    TLC 8 (No. 125) carrying the Regimental Headquarters Ringer, Regiment (commanded by Lt.-Col. Johnny Andrews) and Rounder (commanded by Major John Begg), along with Doc Alexander’s Blitz Buggy ambulance and carrier, pulls into Red Beach near the jetty. Capt. Aussie Stanton’s tank Ringer leaves the landing craft and immediately becomes stuck in the loose chert rocks.

⁃    Doc Alexander wrote: “At about 7:30 a.m. – The second wave of Tanks went in, including our Craft and two B-Squadron Craft. We reached and beached on Red Beach, right near the Jetty. The fire was fairly heavy, but I did not think excessive, and our boat was undamaged. We were all in our places, loaded on our Craft, ready to pull out. Aussie ahead, Col. Andrews next, John Begg next, and myself with two vehicles next. The motors were running – the unloading door or ramp dropped perfectly, the ship stopped and the leading Tank, piloted by Aussie Stanton rushed onto the shore. It was immediately in difficulties – a high hill of loose shale leading up to the Sea Wall – could not be crossedd by it. It go on the mound and worked back and forth, could neither go ahead or back up. He blocked the only exit from the ship – the Engineers tried to rush palisading to his assistance, but the first three out were mown down – and the machine gun fire became very severe.

⁃    “The ship was ordered to pull out from the Beach and find another landing spot. We only suffered the three casualties on this attempt.

⁃    “We pulled back and into the Harbour and got in touch with Major Glenn, who was in command of all Tanks on shore; who ordered no more Tanks to come ashore until congestion could be relieved.”

⁃    TLC 9 (No. 166) carrying Brenda, Betty and Blondie, lands on White Beach, using TLCs 7 & 8 as cover on its port (left) side.

Looking from the jetty towards White Beach. Rob Alexander photo.


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About Rob Alexander

I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

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