HMS Locust and Doc Alexander

Here’s an interesting fact that I hadn’t realized until it was pointed out to me recently connecting the new and rather surprising research by military historian David O’Keefe presented as part of the 70th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid has a connection to Doc Alexander. O’Keefe’s research has shown the real reason for the Dieppe Raid was to create an opportunity for a secret group of commandos to steal a four-rotor Engima machine and its code books. The HMS Locust was to deliver the commandos into the harbour, but the fire was so fierce it was driven back into open water. The commandos then attempted to land in landing craft. The Locust, meanwhile, took casualties from Tank Landing Craft No. 8, the Calgary Tanks Regimental Headquarters that along with the tanks of the regiment’s commanding officers, carried two of Doc Alexander’s ambulances. Once the casualties had been transferred to the Locust, TLC 8 was tied to its side and hauled back to England. And while it is not a direct link to O’Keefe’s research and this secret unit of commandos, its is a connection nonetheless as Doc Alexander references the Locust multiple times in his Dieppe journal.


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About Rob Alexander

I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

2 responses to “HMS Locust and Doc Alexander”

  1. Rose says :

    Rob, that is super cool. I am so glad you are doing this project.

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