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Nov. 27, 1942

Reveille 5:30 a.m. – pulled out 7:30 a.m. Bert followed H.Q. Squad in Carrier and I brought up the rear of the column in Gyp (Jeep). Arrived in Worthing about 2 p.m. – a deuce of a job getting settled. I am in a room in the drill hall and very well situated, but have to go a mile to Regimental Mess for my meals. I am right near R.A.P. (Regimental Aid Post).

Nov. 26, 1942

Went into Mess at dinner time – everything bare, we had a few rounds of rum to celebrate our going, then went down to Pelham Club for a farewell party. Stoney, Poop, John Cross, Bob Taylor, Pim Watkins, Dick Edwards and I. Very good party.

Nov. 25, 1942

Went out to a castle a few miles from Eastbourne with Tom Ward to lecture on first aid to an insurance protective co. Had a very good evening.

Nov. 23, 1942

Busy packing up stores etc. in readiness for move on Friday. Bob Taylor, Stoney Richardson and I spent evening my billet – shooting a line and eating a very nice lunch put up by Ralph.

Nov. 19, 1942

Went down to Worthing to look over billets. Still very confusing.

Nov. 18, 1942

Had farewell dinner at Thysons.

Nov. 17, 1942

Car from 8th Amb called for me and drove me to their Mess outside of Burgess Hill  and I lectured to their Officers’s NSOs on Armoured Corps and on Dieppe. Arrived home at 11 p.m. and found a bunch of mail. Some marvellous snaps from Muriel and letters from Till, Mayme and Clara, all letting me know of Hal’s death. Three letters from Muriel, each containing snaps and enclosures of other letters – but still no letter from her. She is writing Air Mail I know, but they are not arriving.