Dec. 24, 1942 – lonely on Christmas eve

Kiddies Xmas Party in drill hall this afternoon. About 200 children from six to ten years old from Broadwater district. Picture, Punch and Judy and singing, then lunch and candies. The children sang “Sussex by the Sea” gloriously – will never forget that setting. Brig Bradbrook and Mrs. Bradbrook called at the Mess and we had a lovely visit for a few minutes. I have now cleaned up my room – piled my eight parcels on my table and am going out to spend the evening with a Mr. Spofforth, a Chartered accountant. I will also spend Xmas with them tomorrow after our boys are fed.

Xmas Eve – too homesick and full (Not of drink) to attempt to write home tonight. What a relief it will be when this is all over.

Twenty-eight letters yesterday and five or six today. Parcels to open – one from Muriel, one from Bobbie, Ollie, Old Mo, Mona, Atkins, Chittick, Bensons. Must get down to the door now to Mr. Spofforth.

Went down to Spofforoth’s and spent Xmas eve. Had the pleasure of filling the stocking for young Ian – about Bobbie’s age (three). Returned home about 2 a.m. and opened all my parcels. They were grand, but oh, the loneliness of sitting all alone in a big drill hall doing the things I used to love to do so much at home. Went to bed after this and went to sleep. Was very tired.


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I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

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