Dec. 25, 1942 Merry Christmas

Got up at 9:30 a.m. and got cleaned up – went over to RAP (Regimental Aid Post) then drove out to “B” Squadron, then back to our own Mess for a while – when we officers went down to the drill hall to be with the men and help them with their meal. The Brigadier visited the men and spoke to them briefly – after which Tommy Johnson, Perc Wakeford and I took the Turkey to the mess in my Jeep.

We all gathered in the Mess for awhile and then went in for dinner. I only ate Turkey as I was going out for dinner. At home, beautiful Xmas Tree and decorations and a real old fashioned place. I mean a quiet but very pleasant Xmas. The only ones present were Mr. and Mrs. Spofforoth – Ian and his Nanny (old family Nurse) and George – a L/Cpl. in 1st. Canadian Ordinance.

We had a wonderful Turkey dinner with all the wines etc. – the old man took a little too many wines and went to sleep – George very promptly did likewise, so the rest of us listened to the King’s broadcast, McNaughton’s broadcast to Canada – and several marvelous choirs singing Xmas Carols.

This evening we played cribbage. It is now midnight and I have returned home – my second Xmas away – but aside from my homesickness it was a perfectly lovely day – and once more the English have opened their homes to me and have done all in their power to make things pleasant as possible. Nobody could possibly ask for better treatment. There is a welcome there for all time if I play the game as I most certainly should.

sopporths_buckingham sopporths_buckingham2


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I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

One response to “Dec. 25, 1942 Merry Christmas”

  1. Ian Spofforth says :

    George. Seward from British Colombia. Who used to call me “old sox”. The old man ,my father w,as just one year older than Doc !

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