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Jan. 28 & 30, 1943

Jan. 28 The inspection is over – we are all very tired. Got my official notice that I go to London for a one week course. Tonight we are entertained by the officers of “B” Squadron at our Mess. Now to bed. In about ten days we will be inspected by the King and Queen. I will soon be acquainted with him.

Jan. 30 Just finished packing my things in readiness for trip to London in the morning. Have my reservation at Grosvenor Hotel. No other news today.

Jan. 26, 1943

“Ensa” Concert Party in Drill Hall. After the show we entertained the party “Trupes” at the Mess and found it was their 1,000 party. A lady, by special request in the Mess sang “Because” – it was beautiful. Once more we are all cleaned up for the Brigadier’s inspection tomorrow. Am getting awfully sick of all these inspections.

Jan. 24, 1943

John Cross’s sister Mrs. Dover and John called in in the morning and had a visit with us, then went to the R.A.P. to visit with me. So nice to see somebody from home.

Jan. 18, 1943

Warned to report to Hammersmith Hospital on Feb. 1 – for a one week’s course in surgery on the nervous system.

Jan. 14, 16 & 17, 1943

Jan 14: Left early this morning by Staff car for 2nd Field Ambulance. Was supposed to stay there for one week, but talked myself out of it in 2 1/2 days.

Jan. 16: Driven home by Col. Mater, John and I spent the evening together.

Jan. 17: Sunday – Jack Jenner came up to the room to see me and say good bye before sailing for Africa. He and Tommy Johnson are being sent over and attatched to the to the 1st Army in Tunisia. Went down to Spofforths to supper. Air Raid over London and South England tonight in retaliation for the raid over Berlin on Saturday. Poop and Stoney came in and all the letter writing and other work was brought to a close – we talked until quite late and then went to bed. Stoney I believe is leaving about the last of the month.

Jan. 12 & 13, 1943

Jan. 12: Got up in decent time this morning, went to C.M.H.Q. to order some pictures then to Army and Navy store to busy some things for home. Bought books for the boys, had lunch, then a sleep back in my room. Am going to Globe Theatre tonight to see Petrified Forest.

Jan. 13: Went to see Petrified Forest last night – very good. Am now just about ready to catch the train home to Worthing. What is coming next I don’t know, but have had a very good leave, and will be gland now, to get home again.

Jan. 9, 10 & 11, 1943

Jan. 9 Fooled around all day an went to Princes Theatre in evening to see a musical revue “Wild Rose.” Very good.

Jan. 10: Sunday – rested practically all day.

Jan. 11: Got up at 11 a.m. and was waiting for a taxi at Victoria Station when I met Mr. and Mrs. Spofforth, Ian, and another lady her five-year-old daughter, Juliet. We went to the Carlton Club on Pall Mall for lunch and then to Coliseum Theatre to see the Pantomine “Mother Goose”. I have just put the ladies and the children on the train for Worthing and I am going back to have dinner and spend the evening with Mr. Spofforth. I do not know what is on other than dinner at the Carlton Club. I has certainly been a grand day. Went back to the Carlton Club and while waiting for Mr. Spofforth wrote a letter home. We were too late for dinner, so walked over to the Savoy Hotel, ate and then returned to the Club, where we sat around and talked until after midnight. He walked with me as far as Buckingham Palace, then I walked back to the Hotel alone.