Dambusters 70th anniversary

Saturday (May 11) the Bomber Museum of Canada in Nanton, AB is commemorating the 70th anniversary of The Dambusters. 

According to the museum the Dambusters pulled off “one of  the most daring and tactically demanding air operations in history,
the legendary Dambusters Raid utilized a bouncing bomb released at an altitude of sixty feet to destroy enemy hydroelectric dams.
A brilliant tactical success was achieved but eight of the nineteen Lancaster bombers did not return. Of the 133 airmen who flew on the raid, 53 were killed
and three became Prisoners of War. Of the thirty Canadians who flew, only fifteen returned safely to base. Albertans were prominent,as seven of the thirty Canadians were from our province”

The event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and it offers the opportunity to climb into the museum’s Lancaster bomber and to hear the roar of its Bristol Hercules engines. It’s a remarkable sound and a remarkable plane.

An interview on CBC Radio Calgary about the Dambusters can be found here.


-Lancaster Engine Runs and Cockpit Tours

-Aviation Art Exhibit -“The Dambusters –The Legendary Raid in Art”

-Book Launch: “Big Joe McCarthy –The RCAF’s American Dambuster”

-Commemorative Program and Display Opening

-Special Guests including a wartime 617 Squadron Veteran and Family Members of several Canadian Dambusters

-Bristol Hercules (14 Cylinder Radial; Sleeve-Valve) Bomber Engine Run-ups

-Premiere of the video: “Dambuster Terry Taerum”, a Calgary Dambuster

-Replay of 50th Anniversary Speech by Canadian Dambuster pilot Ken Brown CGM

-Special Display of Dams Raid items from the Museum’s Archives


CHECK:  http://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/event2013dambuster70.html for details, updates, and timing.

VISIT:  http://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/damsraid.html for background information and Dams Raid articles.

CONTACT:  library@bombercommandmuseum.ca  (403-646-2270)




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