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May 20-June 3, 1943

May 20: Have been working like the dickens on my drugs all day. Everything taking shape pretty well. One year ago today we landed on the Isle of Wight. What a change in this last year.

May 23: 7:05 a.m. Raining. We are all up ready for a Regimental Church parade at 8 a.m. Two years ago today, Muriel, Bob Taylor and I left Barrie, Ont. For Calgary. Yesterday went to Annan 2nd Field Ambulance, got a load of supplies for journey. Everything is hustle and bustle, but we still do not know where we are going or just when. It is quite evident that it is to the tropics somewhere. Mail service is very poor.

May 26: Two years ago today, Muriel (Doc Alexander’s wife), Bob Taylor and I landed in Calgary. One year ago we were in Osborne Forest, Isle of Wight. Today we are in Scotland just north of the Solway Firth. Today we drove to the other side of Annan to the Field Amb. For the major portion of the medical supplies for the expedition. The activity here reminds me of a year ago on the Isle of Wight. Feverish activity, water proofing, camouflage painting, building and packing boxes etc. The boards are finished, the documentation is about complete, but I still have most of my distribution to do and the general lectures to the Unit on how to use some of the equipment.

May 27: Have had a very busy day today – have made up and distributed all the first aid kits to the Tanks, all A.F.U. Vehicles and all other Echelons – really big day’s work. Tomorrow I go on with it, but have to go and inoculate an infantry workshop unit which is quartered with us.

May 29: In return for giving the workshop unit which is camped with us medical attention, they are making an ambulance out of a universal carrier (Bren carrier) – two stretchers covered by armour. I think it will be mighty good too. Had a lecture yesterday from an officer from the War Office on intelligence. It was excellent. We are still packing and getting things straightened out.

June 1/43: It has been raining for the past two to three days, and it is terribly muddy around here. We are practically all packed up. All the Tanks and “B” vehicles are painted and water proofed and the packing and loading is almost complete. Our deadline is day after tomorrow, but just when we move, I don’t know and we still do not know where we are going. Our equipment looks like the Middle East, but that may be a camouflage. If it is, it is a darn good one. Had a good B.S. Session tonight with Bruce, Poop, Stoney, Jimmy E. And the Padre. We practically settled the whole war this evening.

June 3: 7 p.m. Just two years ago tonight at about this time, we were leaving home for the train to leave Calgary. Everything is packed and all is now in readiness for the Mediterranean – a few thousand miles farther from home. Don’t know just when we are moving but don’t think it will be very long.