Feb. 1-7, 1944

Feb. 1/44 – Our fifth day at sea. We are now out of sight of land in the Atlantic. The trip through the Mediterranean has been grand and our first day out in the Atlantic is also beautiful. About ten ships – all liners and we appear to be making good time. There is much more swell here than inside the Rock. Should arrive in England in about a week’s time I hope. Still going almost due west.

Feb. 2 – Wednesday, our sixth day at Sea. The weather is good and we are still sailing westward. All exchange Medical Officers had a meeting this morning concerning our official duties on arrival in U.K. Present at the meeting were: Gus McCarroll from the 4th Field Amb, Williams and Townsend from the 9th F.A., and Bruce Hunter and I from the 2nd Light Fld Amb. We are the only Armoured M.O.s on board, we hope to be posted to the same Bdge. in England.

Feb. 3 – Thursday – our seventh at sea. It is getting much colder and the Sea is rougher, but this ship is very steady, so we are still having a good trip. About four or five days should land us in Liverpool or Greenoch. Another ship joined our convoy this A.M. we are now sailing north, northeast.

Feb. 4 – Very foggy this morning when we got up. This is Friday, our eighth day at Sea, and we are now travelling north east. Orders have just been posted announcing that we will land somewhere on Monday. This has been a wonderful trip, but it is becoming somewhat monotonous.

Feb. 5 – Saturday, our ninth day at Sea. Action Stations – practice only. A lecture in the lounge this afternoon by a Major on Gen. Montgomery’s staff on the campaign of North Africa. ABout the best military lecture I have heard yet. An impromptu concert in Officers lounge this evening. Very good. It is much rougher out today.

Feb. 6 – Sunday – our tenth day at Sea. rather rough and rainy today. Church in lounge at 10:30 – Maj Sutherland, who at one time was with us is to be the speaker. We should see land tomorrow. It has been a lovely trip but we will all be glad when we reach the other end and find out what we are supposed to do.

Feb. 7 – Monday – eleventh day out – We sighted the North Coast of Ireland today and are now sailing through the Irish Sea. The Convoy has divided. One half appears to be going to Liverpool while we seem to going to Glasgow. Should arrive in the Clyde this afternoon, but do not expect to get off the ship until tomorrow morning. Pass “Paddy’s Mile Stone” in Clyde Estuary at 12:30 noon. Pass through boom at 3:50. 5 P.M. – now anchored in Garoch Harbour. Will proceed up the Clyde to King George Docks in Glasgow in the morning.

L/Cpl J Leigh of the Seaforth Highlanders has carried his mascot, 'Churchill', throughout the Italian campaign, 7 February 1944. © IWM (NA 11797)

L/Cpl J Leigh of the Seaforth Highlanders has carried his mascot, ‘Churchill’, throughout the Italian campaign, 7 February 1944. © IWM (NA 11797)


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