Feb. 29 – March 8, 1944: promoted

Feb. 29 – General inspection a few miles north of Lingfield. Gen. Montgomery gave his usual address. Everything went off well.

March 2, 1944 – We had a dance for the men in their mess hall. This was largely an experiment but went off a hundred percent. We are planning on another next Thursday night. Yesterday Lt. Dibb and I went to Woking where we met Col. Hazard and proceeded to the 3rd Cacru where I lectured to the Officers and then gave a demonstration of my jeep. Later gave a demonstration to the 3rd Div.

March 3 – Went with 3rd CC (Maj. Patterson) to a rendevous for a general inspection next week. On Monday I go to a medical meeting in London. On Wednesday I lecture to 3rd CCS. I am now waiting for Timmy Cameron to arrive. He will spend the weekend with me. Timmy arrived at Dormans station and I met him in a jeep. We went to East Grinstead for the evening.

March 4 – Rus. Noble (of 4th Div.) phoned for Tim and I to meet him in Burgess Hill. we took a jeep and went over. Molly Hunt (Bill Hunt’s wife) was there and a Jean Black from Toronto, also Major … ? from 4th Div. workshop. We went back to his Mess for lunch then back to Russ’s Mess for dinner. It was grand to see them all again. The old Army Tank Brigade in force.

March 5 – I took an early morning train to London to attend the Royal Society of Medicine meeting. Met a lot of chaps I knew. Came home late the same night. Timmy’s brother-in-law called for him during the day. It was a grand weekend.

March 6 – on another meeting with 4th Div and 2nd Corps – in final preparation for the inspection by the King which will take place on the 9th of March.

March 7 – Was at Corps H.Q. for a medical meeting.

March 8 – Gave a lecture on Sicily and Italy to 3 CCS today. This afternoon I go to Lewes to see Capt. Fleetwood (Eng), an old friend of mine from 14th days. I am trying to find a suitable place for going under canvas. Tomorrow will be a heavy day. The King’s inspection.


Meanwhile in Italy: Unidentified personnel of the Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.) in a Universal Carrier equipped with a Vickers machine gun, Italy, 8 March 1944.
Credit: Lieut. Alexander M. Stirton / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-189892


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