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March 31 to April 14, 1944

March 31 – Picture show in the Evacuation tent tonight. Everything went haywire but eventually all was in good order again.

April 1/44 – Cold. Capt. Carson returned from Engineers today only to be sent straight away to Corp H.Q. again. Saturday. And only a handful of us left in camp. Suppose it will be the same tomorrow.

April 3 – Our hospital opened for real work. We have admitted six patients and are building a small permanent hospital so that patients will not tie up our main Unit for training purposes. Very wet and miserable today, but really much warmer.

April 4 – Rained like cats and dogs all night last night. The tents leaked quite a bit. It has cleared up beautifully today. Drove to 2nd Corps H.Q. this afternoon for a few minutes. The whole Can. Corps is on scheme. We are completely surrounded by the 4th Div tonight. We having a big inspection on Thursday. Fourteen patients in hospital.

April 5 – Ronnie did not go on leave as planned. Very busy rearranging canvas. Believe we have our final set up ready now. Our cat presented us with four lovely little kittens this morning. We have her in a box in the Mess and everybody makes a fuss over her. Gus McCarroll from Xth Field Ambulance visited us today. He came back with me from Italy. All in readiness now for the Brig. inspection tomorrow afternoon. Machine broke down tonight, so we will not have a show.

April 7 – Good Friday. The Brigadier did not turn for this inspection, but we were all ready. This morning Mel Pelton, Rear Officer, spoke to the troops on storage of kit. This afternoon Capt. James from Calgary visited us and Lt.-Col. Cooper from 3rd CCS also paid us a visit. Tomorrow morning all CO’s, 2nd Corps have to go to H.Q. for a conference. Censorship starts in the Unit tomorrow. Rather cold and snappy today, but we are not minding it much. All the Officers should be back by Sunday.

April 8 – Went to Corps H.Q. to a meeting this A.M. WE go on recce for new location tomorrow but do not know just when we move. All leave cancelled just when I had my pass in my pocket for Glasgow.

April 9 – Ronnie, Mac and I went at 12 noon on a recce of our new location in Folkestone at the Metropole Hotel. it is a drive of 75 miles from here. The ground floor of the hotel will be a hospital run jointly by 3 CCS and 6 F.D.S. The first floor will be used as quarters for the 3rd CCS. The second floor will be quarters for the 6th FDS and the fourth floor will be shared by the 8th Field Hygiene and the Dental Company. It is a beautiful place. In the last war it was a resort near our camp at Shorncliffe, but it looks very much different today.  Tomorrow some of the staff of 3 CCS are coming to inspect our setup. On Tuesday, I have to drive up to Aldershot. There always seems plenty to do every day. I do not know when we will be moving.

April 10 – Our visitors did not arrive today. In our absence yesterday some mustard gas bombs were put off in camp and today we had to send in two our our men with burns. All sorts of investigations under way, courts of inquiry etc. Great life.

April 11 – Returned my jeep to Aldershot, we are again close neighbours. Tomorrow morning I go with Col. Cooper to H.Q. – 2nd Can. Corps. On Thursday, Col. Hazard and about fifty medical officers will be here for an inspection. Each day seems to bring something to break the monotony. Col. Farmer has replaced Brig. Rae, as he was O.C. – 15 Gen. Hosp.

April 12 – A very long meeting at 2nd Corps H.Q. for C.O.s of Units concerning moves to concentration areas. Lots and lots of work to be done, but I have got an awful lot of it done already. We are all ready for our big demonstration tomorrow – hope everything goes well.

April 13 – Inspection only by Col. Hazard and forty-five M.O.s from C.R.U. We gave them a complete demonstration of everything we had – served tea to the officers for noon day and they then left for 2 CCS. Everything went off well. Just finished our inspection and was giving they boys a talk when Brig. Farmer, our new DDMS arrived, so I showed him around too. Tonight Ronnie and I went up to Lindfield to see Kit Bags. It was very good.

April 14 – Very busy today starting our loading. This afternoon I lectured to the Workshops at Fores Row (Capt. James Unit) then went on to Corps at Ditchling. Came home to see the hospital Unit down and packed.

April 14 –