May 9-18, 1944

May 9 – Went to a Corps meeting today outside Dover. The first time I have been to Dover since I was brought back as a casualty in the last war. Not much excitement – still busy building improvements in our trucks. They are gradually becoming very slick.

May 10 – Very anxious to see a paper today. All night long our building shook and windows rattled from explosions of our bombs on the French coast. There was a roar all night. Something was certainly catching it and I am mighty glad I wasn’t there.

May 11 – Usual day, still rearranging loads and making plans. Tonight Paul and Dib and I went to the theatre and saw one of the best revues. I have seen since coming over. We are sending Mac and Ronnie tomorrow night.

May 12 – Evening. Just saw our baseball team beat the Dentals 13-8. All afternoon and this evening the doors and windows have been shaking and almost a steady roar, dull in character, can be heard from the shore of France. It is misty over the Channel so can see nothing. This afternoon I went up to Shorncliffe Camp to see the old barracks where I used to be stationed. Was disappointed – could only recognized a few things.

May 13 – Saturday morning again – a beautiful day. The Dental Co. put a dance on in our auditorium last night to which all the Units I.e. 3 CCS, 6FDS, 8 Hy and 9th Dental attended. Who should walk in but Freddie Jenner. Expect to go to London next Friday to attend Timmie’s Wedding and then plan to stay the following week to attend the Post Graduate Course, if possible. Do not intend to work very hard at the Course. A large crowd of our old 1st Ar. Tank Bde. will be present, so I’m certainly looking forward to it. Got badly beaten at baseball today by 8th Hygiene Co. Got word today that Slim and Arnold Hodgkins are being posted to my Unit – great rejoicing.

May 14 – Paul Carlson and I went to a concert in Lea Cliffe Hall. Not bad. Today is Mother’s Day. I got up early and went to Church.

May 15 – Working very hard all day on loading tables. Murray Darawing, Goring Pinder all from Saskatoon and Young somebody or other dropped in for lunch. Murray was with me in Italy and apparently I attended a young Pinder in Saskatoon when he was a little boy.

May 17 – Arnold Hodgkins arrived last night but I don’t know whether I can hold onto him or not. It has been wet today. We were all blood grouped. Usual day today. Picture show tonight. Must go to Corps H.Q. in the morning.

May 18 – Went to Corps H.Q. in Dover to interview Brig. Farmer. Arnold Hodgkins reverted from Sgt. to Private to stay on our Unit today. I certainly hated to see that happen but it was the only that could happen and he chose to stay. Paul Carson and I went to a show tonight.

Sick parade, Lucera. "B" Section. No. 2 C.L.F.A. October 1943. Sketch by Arnold Hodgkins.

Sick parade, Lucera. “B” Section. No. 2 C.L.F.A. October 1943. Sketch by Arnold Hodgkins.

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