May 19-20, 1944

May 19 – Caught the 9 a.m. train from Folkestone Central and have just now landed at the Grovesnor Hotel. Will go shopping this afternoon and go to Timmies wedding tomorrow, then will start my course Monday. Tonight was fortunate enough to get a real good seat at the Phoenix Theatre to see Ivor Nevill’es show “Arc de Triomphe”. It is a wonderful show, much like “Dancing Years”. Have arranged to meet Mrs. Spofforth and Ian on Monday afternoon.

May 20 – Am all ready now to go to lunch, then Timmies wedding. Arrived at St. Peter’s Church Eton Square about 2:15 and was met by Chuck Humber and an Officer from the Three Rivers, whom I know but cannot think of his name. Stood by the door to watch the guests arrive. There were Brig. Wyman, Freddie Jenner, Tommy Nightingale, Ralph Hyde, Sweet Beauchamp – chaps whom I know.

It was a very pretty wedding, then the officers lined up outside the door as a Guard of Honour. After, we went to the Goring Hotel for a reception following which I went back to the Harrisons for a while. Timmy and Pat went to the Mayfair and phoned for me to come over, so I went over and saw them for a few minutes, then had dinner at the Mayfair and arrived back at the Grosvenor at 11 p.m. A very successful day, one which I wouldn’t have missed for an awful lot. It was grand meeting all the folks and grand seeing a lot of the boys again.



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I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

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