May 23 – June 3, 1944

May 24 – Victoria Day, but no different from any other day. Still attending the course at Hammersmith Hospital. Finish on Friday.

May 25 – Received a famous secret letter from the Unit as follows:
Dear Chief: We thought you would like to know that Maresy doats and doesy doats and little lambsey divey. A kidley divey dos wouldn’t you? If the words sound queer and funny to your ear a little bit jumbled and jivey, sing: Mares eats oats and does eats oats and little lambs eat ivy. Kids’ll eat ivey too, wouldn’t you.
Paul     Ronald
Marshall    Ralph

I phone my Unit today and they are coming back up for me tomorrow. I will be very glad to get back. After a light lunch tonight I went across the road to the Victoria Theatre to see Rupert Land in “Meet me Victoria.” It was good too. Saw a star born tonight – very interesting.

May 26 – My course stopped at noon. Paul, his fiancee and Evans landed at the hotel at 4 p.m. to drive me home. We went to see “Blyth Spirits”, then drove to No. 12 Gen. at Lindfield where we spent the night.

May 27 – Arrived home at noon and very glad to be back. We are all bustle today for an inspection on Monday by Gen. Eisenhower at Shorncliffe Camp. EVerything point to a big start in about two weeks time.

My 28 – Heavy bombing of French Coast during the night – several flares could be seen in the sky – and  our old Metropole Hotel at Folkestone shook like a tree. Combined Church parade on the Lea in front of the Hotel today.

May 29 – Inspection at Shorncliffe by Gen. Einsenhower – a good show but they become tiresome.

May 31 – Another glorious day. They were certainly bombarding the French Coast last night. A steady roar and our old building shook. Expect to go to Corps HQ today. Things are commencing to get busier, so perhaps something will be happening soon.

June 1 – Went north to the Thames Estuary and designed racks for stretchers on storm boats. Gus McCarrol dropped in for a while in the evening.

June 3 – Warned today to be read on June 9th. Very busy waterproofing and tearing down tops of trucks etc. Hope to be able to to make my final load table tomorrow. Just three years ago tonight I left Calgary for the last time. Had claimed Ralph, but I received word tonight that he is not fit for duty, so I guess I will not get him.


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