June 28 – July 4, 1944, France

June 28 – Capt. McDonald and Champaigne arrived in my jeep and we moved up to area at Amblie about two miles from Reviers. Some of the trucks arrived that night.

June 29 – At last, all our vehicles are here – we are dispersed around the edges of a field, all camoflaged. The General ordered us to move our tent three times. We are the only Canadian FDS (Field Dressing Station) in France, and the the first Unit of the Second Corps, so are the butts for all the stuff the Generals can think of.

June 30 – Rained very heavily last night – very heavy bombardments going in. The boys are busy tearing down and re-erecting trucks. In a few days all will be back to normal again. Last night a horse lay down on my tent and unfortunately I was in the tent. Today we have a barbed wire fence around the tents. Our M.I.R. is the only thing we have open. We will probably sit this way until the rest of the Corps arrives, but it is not a bad place to sit. Jim McKeller is here as Advance Party for 2 CCS. This afternoon I was visited by Brig. Fenwick, Brig. Farmer and Col. Watston and Col. of the 14th Field Amb. We my be setting up in a few days time. An awful lot of air activity today. We are comfortably situated here.

Google maps

Google maps

July 1/44 – Jim McKeller, a Capt. from Corp H.Q. and myself went forward to the area of Le Fresne-Camilly to recce a harbour for main Corp H.Q. and 6th FDS. The spot chosen is on the main road to Caen about eight miles north west. This afternoon I sent Hans Geggie and his light section as an advance party. We expect to move on Monday July 3rd. We still will not open as a hospital but simply consult.

July 2 – Very quiet day today. Lt. Col. Lockhead of the 17th Light Field Amb was over to visit. We are standing to for a move but may not move until day after tomorrow. Beautifuly dinner today of roast beef and green peas. Very heavy bombardment tonight.

July 3 – Rain pouring down. Drove out to Light Section, then returned in time for Pay Parade. Maj. Coates of 3rd Div Pay Corps had lunch with us. We are not moving today and still have no definite word about tomorrow.

July 4 – Drove out to visit Hans Geggie and his Light Section at Fresne-Camilly this morning. Very heavy bombardment last night and an advance near Caen. Tac. H.Q. moved to Camilly this afternoon – we sent Capt. Anderson, Cpl. Heatley, two men, and ambulance and two 160 lb. tents. We also sent three, 3 ton Lorries to help rations. Will not get my whole Unit together for about one week.


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