Aug. 15–19, 1944: 72nd anniversary of the Dieppe Raid

Aug. 15 – Continuing the process of getting settled. Everything taking shape again. Allied landing in southern of France today.

Aug. 16 – Another very busy day. Our K of C Supervisor – A. Sullivan replaced today by YMCA, Mr. Jim McNab. Just started writing this when a German plane swooped down over camp. Here comes another one. Will have to put light out. No damage done.

Aug. 17 – Order to report to Corps H.Q., then recce a new site for my Hospital. The spot chosen is near a railroad, and dug into the bank are numerous old German tanks. We are moving in the morning from Basse which is five miles south west of the Caen, through “Ifs”, “Fontenay-le-Marmion”, Caillouet, to the road junction just north of Bretteville-sur-Laize, then east to about a quarter of a smile south of Cintheaux. For the next two days we will be very busy. War news is good. Here comes another German plane. They are a real nuisance at night, but not in evidence in the the day time. Just hear today of Brig. Booths death.

Aug. 18 – At 9:00 a.m. Sgt. Major Gordie Champagne, Mr. Dibb and I went forward to lay out our new camp. At 11:30 the vehicles arrived bearing Evacuation, Reception, Pack Stores and Stretcher Dump and eighteen men. At 1 p.m. – Harley Street arrived, at 3 p.m. admitting staff arrived and at 6 p.m. everybody was here with the exception of Light Section which was still in Basse. Everything is up and we are running along merrily.

Aug. 19 – 2 years ago today – Dieppe. Last night, British flares lit up the pocket constantly, and bombers were over them all night long. This morning General Corps conference at Cailloat. News good. IN a few days we expect to reach the Seine; then the next line will be my old friend the Somme. After the Somme, the we really expect only rear guard action to the frontier. More convinced than ever that the war will be over by Nov. 11/44.


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About Rob Alexander

I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

One response to “Aug. 15–19, 1944: 72nd anniversary of the Dieppe Raid”

  1. mapleleafup says :

    Nice post, Rob. I was wondering how the Pozieres/Somme pic would fit in with Dieppe until I got to the end. Amazing he felt the war could be over by 11 November at this stage.

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