Oct. 10–20, 1944

Oct. 10 – Still busy. Chas. Ross inspected the Unit at work. All is going well. An awful lot of bad cases are now out of danger. It is getting rather chilly here now – guess we have had our good weather and must get ready for winter.

Oct. 12 – Major Stubbs (Br.), his interpreter and wife and myself drove into Ghent, in a Jeep, then picked up a Chev Sedan and drove to Brussels. We formed a party with the interp., wife, sister and father and set out to see Brussels. Saw the Square with gold leaf on the buildings, supposed to be the most beautiful Square in Europe. The Royal Palace and the City in general. It is very beautiful. Late in the evening we returned to Ghent, got back into our Jeep and returned to Eecloo.

Oct. 13 – Made a hurried trip to Bruges to the hospital. In the evening, went to 4th Div. H.Q. and had supper with Russ Noble.

Oct. 14 – Started clinical meetings in the hospital. This afternoon went to 22nd Field Ambulance at Maldegem – then came back and had a visit from Joe Larryman O.C. of 14th Field Amb. Two abdominal cases today. Very quiet.

Oct. 15 – Quite busy today. Col Gossage ADMS – 4th Div. called in to thank us for our work here. They are moving tomorrow. Some people from Brussels came in for the evening. Very wet and miserable.

Oct. 16 – General meeting of the O.C.s of all Corp Units at Rear H.Q. Corps, about one mile out of Ghent. Nothing much new. On arrival home found patients waiting and we were very busy for a few hours.

Oct. 17 – Not busy today but do not know what the evening will bring. Most of our busy spells are at night. Sent two nurses to #2 CCS today, that leaves me four.

Oct. 18 — Brig. Farmer arrived with orders for Maj. McLaughlin from 10 F.S.U. to proceed to Antwerp and fly to England en route for Canada. We all feel very sorry about this. He is going back to become Professor of Surgery in Western University. Yesterday I was invited to let my name stand for nomination in West Calgary — no hesitation in refusing. Went to Antwerp in the Jeep in the rain. Visited Chas Bennett at #8 Gen. He is going home the last of the week. Had a long chat with Reg Bridge while there. Fairly busy at hospital today.

Oct. 19 — Gordie Champaigne and I drove up through Bruges to Ostend to find a suitable location if needed. IT is a beautiful drive, but a good deal of the country is under water, and the great majority of the bridges are blown up. Ostend has been fairly hard hit itself, especially around the wharfs and Gas works. I did not find what I was looking for so returned in time for a late supper.

Oct. 20 — Had to go to Corp H.Q. in Ghent today covering a meeting at which I am to go tomorrow in Bruges. r.e. “Exercise Infatuate” Charlie Ross was in for awhile today. It is a terrible day, rainy and cold. We have no heat in our building yet. Busy here tonight, mostly English Engineers.


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