June 14-15, 1945

June 14 — Our advance party, consisting of eight vehicles and thirty men, left Bad Zwischenahn at 8:20 A.M. Gordie, Capt. McDonald and I lead in the jeep. We passed through Oldenburg, Cloppenburg, Meppen, Lengen, crossed the border into Holland, then through Hengelo, Lochem, Zutphen, Arnhem, Ede, Amersfoort, Hoevelaken, to a pasture where we are making our home. We left the convoy at Oldenburg and drove straight through Amersfoort to report to 3rd Div. H.Q. and by the time all the vehicles had arrived it was 9 P.M. We pitched the necessary canvas and called it a night.

June 15 — Everybody busy erecting more canvas. We today have been notified that a bunch of reinforcements will arrive today and that the new O.C. will take over some time today. That sounds as if I may be starting on my way for Canada soon. The rest of the our Unit will be in sometime tonight. We are only about twelve miles from Utrecht, about six miles from the Zuider Zee, twelve miles from Hilversum, the Hollywood of Holland about eight miles straight north of Doorn. It is very lovely country here, but some of the children look pretty parched and starved. Amsterdam is only about thirty five miles from here. We hope to have seen the last of Germany. What a contrast here, everybody is friendly and the camp is already cluttered with children. Col. Hunter the CFO ADMS was down this morning. Very little news. Maj. Barr arrived this morning but did not take over the Unit yet. The main body of our Unit arrived about 5:30 P.M. All are now bedded down for the night. Seven reinforcements also arrived today. Just got word that Col. Elder wants to see me at Apeldoorn tomorrow, so will leave for there about 9 A.M.

 Dutch women having tea with personnel of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division during the Division's Sports Day, Hilversum, Netherlands, 14 June 1945.  LAC.

Dutch women having tea with personnel of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division during the Division’s Sports Day, Hilversum, Netherlands, 14 June 1945. LAC.


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One response to “June 14-15, 1945”

  1. Mike Hunter says :

    The June 15/45 entry completes the circle.
    In the last few days Doc Alex had been with both of the other medics from Dieppe LCT 8. Morgan Smith and Ken Hunter.
    Doc refers to the visit from Col. Hunter. That was my father . On June 9 he had been appointed to the position of ADMS (army abbreviation for medical boss) of the 3rd Division. The 3rd Div. became the “Canadian Forces of Occupation”. Although a promotion and important to his career this new job meant he would remain overseas until early 1946 – just over 6 years from his departure for England in Jan. 1940. How relationships survived that duration of separation I do not know. Fortunately for me and my sister my parents seemed to be able to pick up from where they left off.
    Alex mentions that a Major Barr would be taking over for him. Maj. Barr was another career medical officer and would ultimately become Surgeon General in about 1970 – about 10 years after my father retired from that position.
    Mike Hunter

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