July 19 – 27, 1945: Leaving for Canada

July 19 — We moved from Enschede to Apeldoorn or rather through Apeldoorn on the Arnhem road to a very large Catholic Hospital and School. We will run sort of a transient place for Officers and men of the RCAMC awaiting draft. I have no function at all now, so am doing a little swearing.

July 20 — Visited Army today — no information, but told to just play around until my name was called, then went to 2nd CCS and saw Archie Hardyment and Don Millose. After supper, Gordie, fred and I started for Zielst, arrived there about 9 P.M. I took two little Spaniel pups with me and gave them to the family. They named them Major and Fred.

 Canadian Berlin Battalion march past during a flag raising ceremony, Berlin, Germany, 20 July 1945.  LAC.

Canadian Berlin Battalion march past during a flag raising ceremony, Berlin, Germany, 20 July 1945. LAC.

July 21 — We had a party — all the old friends of last winter were present and we had a grand time.

July 22 — In the evening we went over to Multoven for awhile.

July 23 — We started back home. When we arrived here, found no word at all. If no more word, we will go back to Zielst again. If it weren’t for my Dutch home, I would go absolutely crazy sticking around.

July 25 — Another birthday. Am going out to dinner with Freddie Jenner, Clint Richardson and Timmy Cameron tonight. Fred leaves for Canada in two or three days time. Just learned today that I will definitely not go back for another six weeks. Am going to have to take over this Unit again as O.C. I am pretty well browned off, but can do nothing about it.

July 26 — Last night Timmy Cameron called for me and we went out to the Brass Hat Club for a farewell dinner to Freddie Jenner. Stoney Richardson was there and we had a grand time. Today just got orders that I am leaving for Canada on Monday.

July 27 — Timmy called for me  and we drove out to Lochem for a farewell for Freddie Jenner, who is leaving for Canada tomorrow morning. Gordie, Fred and I returned to Zielst today. Spent a quiet day at home. A party tomorrow night in Reusel on the Belgium Frontier.


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