Aug. 22 – 28, 1945: The Second World War Journals of Doc Alexander

Aug. 22 — Attended St. James Theatre in the evening. Saw Emlyn Williams in “The Wings of Heaven”. Prime Minister Atlee was also present.

Aug. 23 — Just starting for Guildford to spend the day with Wynne. Arrived there about noon, so we went out to lunch, then bought the song “I’ll Walk Beside You” and came back and played it and sang it — then Wynne started sewing flashes for me — making a wonderful job. Hope to get my battle suit blouses over next wee for her to do them too. Caught a 10:28 train from Guildford and arrived in Waterloo at 11:30, then underground to Victoria and then home to bed.

Aug. 24 — Very dull wet day, have really done nothing all day but write letters and lied around Will try and and go out to a picture show or something tonight.

Aug. 25 — Met Pat Cameron outside the house and to my surprise she told me Timmy was home and took me to their flat. Had lunch with Mrs Harrison and her sister and Timmy and Pat. He may be coming back on the same draft with me. Am just starting off to the Ambassador Theatre to see “Sweeter and Lower”.

Aug. 26 — Saw the show last night but did not think it was very good. This is Sunday, a most monotonous day. I went for a long bus ride on the top of one of these London buses this afternoon. Will be going back to Camp on Tuesday morning. I certainly hope we are not kept there long, as those Camps are really deadly.

Aug. 27 — Went to a picture show — “I’ll Walk Beside You” at Odeon Theatre. Very good music.

Aug. 28 — Caught a train at Waterloo and arrived back in Camp to find that our draft was to hold itself available for leaving on Aug. 31.


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I am a writer, photographer and historian and the author of The History of Canmore, published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

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