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Liberation of Holland: Two new exhibitions at The Military Museums in Calgary that are worth seeing.

The Maple Leaf and the tulip:
The Liberation of Holland in the Second World War

6 May – 16 August 2015

This exhibit will include artifacts and photos related to members of the Canadian military serving in the Netherlands in the Second World War, as well as to Dutch civilians and members of the Dutch Resistance.  Video oral history interviews will also be shown as a central part of the exhibit, to let visitors understand the firsthand experience.

The exhibit will open May 5, 2015, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the final campaign to liberate the Netherlands.  Full coverage of Canadian involvement in the Netherlands will be showcased, including the reduction of the Breskens pocket, the clearing of the Scheldt estuary, and the final campaign in 1945 towards Apeldoorn and beyond.  Operation Manna, the resupply of the starving Dutch populace at the end of the war, will also be featured.

Dutch War Brides

Trees Heeft een Canadees
by Beverley Tosh

6 May – 16 August 2015

Trees Heeft een Canadees, (Teresa Has A Canadian) is a popular song in the Netherlands about Dutch women who fell in love with Canadian soldiers during the Second World War.

After their brief romances and often ad-hoc weddings in Holland, the soldiers returned to Canada. Not permitted on the soldiers’ ships, the young Dutch wives waited often a full year in the Netherlands before boarding their own ships to re-join their husbands in Canada. Most of these women never saw their families again. Many, speaking mostly only Dutch, moved unknowingly from metropolitan centers in the Netherlands to isolated prairie settlements. However, the occupation had strengthened these women’s resolve and many had no choice but to persevere and build new lives in Canada.

In this exhibition, artist Beverley Tosh shares these women’s stories, their life during the occupation, their weddings in Holland, and their one-way passages to Canada. With her most recent body of work, Tosh shares the stories of Dutch-Canadian war brides, conveying both the romance, and the hardships endured by these women.

This exhibition will consist of 24 wedding portraits and stories of Dutch women meeting their Canadian soldiers, all researched by Beverly Tosh, herself a daughter of a war bride. The exhibition also includes an original wedding dress worn by one of the women, “The Little Coat” from the collection of the Canadian War Museum, and documents, photo’s and films conveying the deep connections between Canadian soldiers and the people of Holland.

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