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July 12, 1942

It has really been one long holiday since Wednesday. A good thing because the boys were very down hearted when the invasion was called off. Bill Hunt and I drove around the island this afternoon – visited St. Catherine’s Point etc.

July 9, 1942

The whole Canadian Expedition of the Isle of Wight has a had a holiday today. The boys are slowly getting back to camp. It is very cloudy and it looks as if it was going to be wet. We are all wondering now what is coming next – we hope to return to Seaford very soon. All getting a little browned off in the woods here.

July 8, 1942

8:30 a.m. pulled into Egypt Point and unloaded Engineers and equipment. Arrived home at Osborne Beach at 10 a.m. – wonderful to be home again, even if it is only a tent in the woods. This afternoon we are being inspected by Gen. Robertson. We are just ready to go now. What we do after this, I don’t know, but we probably will find out this afternoon.

July 7, 1942

At 11 p.m. pulled out of Newhaven Harbour.

July 2, 1942

Clint Richardson, Gordon Rolfe, Bill Hunt, Poop Deck Payne, Col. Reeves, John Begg and I together with a few other men, motored to Ryde and caught ferry to Portsmouth. From Portsmouth went by special train to Newhaven where we boarded T.L.C. Laid in harbour for five days, expecting to make an assault on the coast of France, but at last moment it was cancelled.

June 30, 1942

Our cars loaded on T.L.C. and gone, but I am remaining behind for a few days and will catch up to them later. Bob Taylor, Glenn and I went by car to Newhaven to inspect boats. Returned to Camp the following day. Getting ready to leave.

June 29, 1942

Some T.L.C. loaded and pulled out today.