The Journals

The journals are small. Easy to carry in a pocket. Each is filled with Doc Alexander’s distinctive handwriting with his quick stroke and small, tight letters that are often difficult to decipher. He sent each one home to his family by mail or with friends returning to Calgary from the war for safekeeping. In these journals, written for himself and his wife, Muriel, he kept the story of his experience in the war, and quite often, he wrote about the good things, the friends he saw, the letters and gift he got in the mail – the things that made him happy, or in some cases, the things that made him angry. He didn’t dwell on the war, and sometimes, that can be frustrating, and while his journals don’t always stand as a war record, they do stand as a record of what is important to a man in his 40s who voluntary left his family and his career behind to do his duty to his country. Many people have written about war. Few of us write about what we value: Family, friends, breakfast, lunch, the ho hum bits of our jobs.

One response to “The Journals”

  1. Kaiser Bill says :

    Great project here. I am interested in the history of Stoney-Nakoda Health. Is there correspondence or diaries available for Alexander’s efforts there?

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