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May 31, 1942

Went for a tour of the North coast in a civilian car with a Miss Hotham and a Miss Bell. Visited Gen. Cunningham the Commander of the Home Guard on the Island. Had a perfectly lovely day.

May 30, 1942

Went to the Ranges and later drove to Ventnor with John and Charlie, then drove up the coast road, through Ryde and home.

Sanitary section with Doc Alexander seated in the centre. Alexander family collection.

May 28, 1942


Alexander family collection

Engineers are scraping the roads in our camp today – they are feet deep in slimey mud and traffic is stopped. Went into Cowes tonight to visit m Mrs. Hothrun. Will go back on Sunday if it is at all possible.

May 27, 1942

Went to Newport with Dick Eldred to visit young Jackson. Afterwards drove through to see Ventnor on the south coast. It is a very beautiful little place. On the way home stopped and had fried eggs and potatoes at Godshill. Awfully wet.

Dr. L.G. Alexander (left) with Dick Eldred.

May 26, 1942

Loaded on T.L.C. in a.m. and proceeded to Egypt Hill, west of Cowes on scheme with Tanks. Had a great difficulty in landing craft. Got terribly wet in afternoon. Otherwise a very successful day.

Calgary Tanks sick parade with Doc Alexander’s ambulance.

May 25, 1942

We started out bright and early with “B” Squadron Tanks on a landing and invasion scheme. Four T.L.C. (Tank Landing Craft) were loaded at one beach with Tanks and Carriers and we started. Once craft ran on the rocks and there we sat high and dry. At 2:30 the tide had gone out sufficiently for me to climb down and walk ashore. Raining hard tonight – roads almost impassible. Col. Halmer arrived tonight to take the sanitary duties off my hands. Tomorrow we go with the “A” and “C” on a scheme.

Two sergeants after a night out

While I have no idea who these two sergeants are, it sure looks like they had a great night out on the town in Salisbury in 1941. Doc Alexander would have bandaged them up and no doubt teased them mercilessly before sending them back to their squadrons.